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Paros Island

Paros Island is one of the most beautiful in the Cyclades group. Located in the Central Aegean Sea, Paros is the third largest of the Cyclades Islands, after Andros and Naxos. 
Paros is approximately 99 nautical miles from Piraeus, Athens. A four and a half hour Ferry- Boat ride on the Blue Star Boats. Three hours on the Highspeed boats and, about Thirty-five minutes with airplane from Athens International Airport. There is also boat access from nearby islands of Mykonos, Naxos, and Santorini.

The golden sandy beaches, dazzling blue sea, fishing harbors, archeological sites, traditional villages, and superb landscapes, offer something for everyone, whether you want a quiet, relaxing vacation, or an action-packed time, Paros will deliver.

Golden Beach Hotel

We welcome you to the sunny, warm, unique, and famous island of Paros, where the Golden Beach Hotel is located!
Our hotel has rooms and apartments overlooking the Golden Beach Bay and the Aegean Sea beyond. With the beach, just 20 meters from your room, the Golden Beach hotel is a collection of lively images for you to explore.
With our carefully selected Mediterranean tastes and our breezy, icy cocktails alongside many local "mezes", you will never feel empty.
And when you feel like it, there are lots of beach activities such as windsurfing, canoe exploring, snorkeling, and diving which together with the vibrant nightlife close by, will always keep you in top shape. The island's colorful and picturesque landscape is perfect terrain for long walks, trekking, and even mountain biking. Rich in legacy, the island's past provides also many historic and unspoiled destinations for you to explore. 
For an unforgettable, captivating staying next to the beach, with a warm, sincere and exquisite atmosphere, 
Golden Beach Paros hotel is the place to be!



Paros island
Golden Beach Hotel
Golden Beach Hotel
Paros island

The experience starts by the time you face this unique sailing yacht moored in Pisso Livadi Paros when you realise that she is not an ordinary yacht, her wooden deck and masts along with her hull shape attract attention and generate a will to sail with her.

Captain Nikos and your hostess welcome you the moment you arrive and feeling honoured to be your host for the day assist you to make yourself comfortable and brief you on the boat’s set up, safety protocols and plan for the day ahead. We set sail soon after and you are already realising that this will be a special experience as we deploy our sails and the hiss of the wind is the main sound you can hear accompanied by vessel’s movement on the water.

As we make our way towards our first swim stop you enjoy the sun and the landscapes passing slowly aside, there is a corner for each one onboard to lie relaxed and feel being taken care of by people who know their stuff and love to have you as guests on board.

Anchoring in our selected swim spots where you can jump in crystal waters, explore them by snorkelling and being rejuvenated is being swapped by sunbathing under our masts and sails while we peacefully move towards our next spot. In between we offer cooling drinks, snacks and more on our deck.

Even there is no rush at all, hours pass by and every moment gives you the feeling of relaxation and joy, we constantly take care of you, being attentive while discrete and mostly share with you our life view and experience under the Aegean Sun and in pace of the Cycladic Panorama.

On board the Yin Yang you will balance between relaxation, harmony and rejuvenation on top of fun moments full of inspiration. Lunch onboard cannot be but special as well with local food made of natural products and traditional recipes accompanied by local drinks and beverages. It is served the right moment to fill up the appetite that sea brings. It is as well a way to experience how simplicity makes the difference in this life.

Spots we will visit will generate unique moments, spectacular views and a wider sensation of rest and joy while we take care of you. We assure you that the hours will pass before you realise it and when the sun will start making its way down, we will be heading back to our nest having you being fulfilled and rejuvenated with a sense of completeness and wellness.

More details on this special experience to be discovered when stepping onboard the Yin Yang, so welcome and explore by yourself, you will need only to have with you your sun cream, towel and appetite, the rest is waiting for you.

The Yin Yang Yacht is a Formosa 46’’ long keel ketch made in Asia in 1982. She is made of fiberglass and finished with teak wood, she weighs 17 tones and can be named a blue water yacht designed for long distance ocean cruising. That gives her an extra safety enhancement on top of her full compliance with National Safety Rules

for her category as a commercial pleasure yacht officially licensed by Hellenic Merchant Bureau.

She offers ample sun space on her decks for enjoying safe albeit pleasant sailing hours in comfort and a luxury varnish classic interior that will take you in another reality while sailing with her. Her sea keeping and sailing performance is one of a kind acting as a promoter to the ones familiarizing themselves with sea and sailing while exploring the magnificent coastlines of Cycladic Islands. She is owned and commanded by Capt. Nikos Chalaris, a professional Master Mariner that after spending 28 years around the seas -the last 15 as Captain in passenger ships- has decided to return to his motherland and launch the Yin Yang Concept. His background along with his pleasant character and his passion for perfection in hospitality business is the guarantee for an unforgettable safe sea experience worth every moment.

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