Meet the Team!

Adv. Nitrox instructor
Pavlos Besis,
Adv. EANx I.A.N.T.D.#10073# PADI#318893# & SSI#73525# Instructor. 

Pavlos was born in Piraeus, he was a Fin-Swimming Athlete for almost 16 years. Greek Champion with six national records and many victories in other European Championships. He started scuba diving in 1997 and became an Instructor in 2013, tec diver 2015, normoxic trimix diver 2017, Adv. nitrox instructor I.A.N.T.D 2018 & cave diver 2019. He loves the water and especially the water that has...salt...
...Some of us work better under pressure... (Becky K. Schott)

Thibault Seronie

Padi #425447# Instructor.

Interested in the ocean and its wonders since he was a kid, Thibault started to dive in 2014 and immediately found his new passion. After finishing his tourism studies, he decided to take the plunge and leave France to start a new life in South East Asia to become and work as an instructor in 2018. He loves to talk about diving and everything related to it and he will be more than excited to share, to teach, and to talk about his passion and all the wonders hidden in our oceans.

diving instructor
diving instructo
Guillaume Peirone
Padi #420160# Instructor.

Interested by the sea and History, Guillaume started to dive in 2011, during his studies in archaeology and participated in some underwater excavations. After his master, he decided to focus on diving, to share, and teach it. He went to the Dominican Republic to become and work as an instructor in 2018. He will be more than happy to share with you his passion and make you enjoy the underwater world

Ariana Cole

PADI #414442# Instructor.



Inspired by her interest in marine life and the ocean, Ari learned to dive while working for a Marine Science Institute in Florida. She then traveled to Cozumel, Mexico in 2018 where she completed her divemaster and went on to become an instructor. She has been working as an instructor since in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Ari will be happy to share with you her passion for marine life and show you the underwater world.


Lee Cawkwell

Padi #432924# Instructor.

I started diving in 1991 with my training being carried out by the British Navy diving center in United Kingdom I was trained all the way to the top BSAC grade and spent many months over the next 14 years in waters around Europe and special areas of the world.
I spend a lot of my time nowadays teaching in the Red Sea and Greece. I crossed over to PADI and have duel Instructor License.
In United Kingdom I dive tech diving up to 50 meters and decompression diving in uk BSAC.
I have a passion for the sea to which I have made it my life.
I mastered land, sea, andAir which was my goal in life.
I am an aviation pilot, I am an Instructor examiner on powerboats, I am a commercial sailer on yachts, and a diving instructor.
I have a saying in life if you are prepared to do something for free and do it well, when you get paid to do it you will be the master at it .and succeed in all of your life with this motto

 Paros Divers

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