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Amphitrite Cave

 Dive into Prehistoric Aegean.
According to Greek mythology, Amphitrite was one of the fifty Nereids. They were the nymphs worshiped as goddesses of the calm sea. Amphitrite according to Hesiod, was the daughter of Nereus and Doridas, one of the most beautiful Nereids, and Poseidon the god of the sea of rivers and fountains fell in love with her when she saw her dance and marry her. After her marriage to Poseidon, Amphitrite became queen of the sea and was called Poseidonia. Triton and several nymphs were born from Poseidon and Amphitrite. The sailors and the statues of Amphitrite were adorned by many ancient temples. She was the female personification of the sea the mother of whale fish and dolphins. She was often depicted holding the trident, a power she acquired when she became Poseidon's wife.


The cave of Amphitrite is located on the SW side of Paros, amid a cluster of small islands. Amphitrite is the only known submarine cave in the Aegean sea and specifically in the Cyclades cluster. Its entrance is at -6m deep. Upon entering, there is a small cavern that reflects just a small fraction of the cave’s real beauty. Amphitrite has a very impressive decoration, with beautiful stalactite and stalagmite material enveloped in a delicate white sand veil. Amphitrite has 2 main lines. Line A is about 250m with a maximum depth of -24m and an average depth of -17m. Line B about 150-180m and the maximum depth of -50m reaches. The cave has a steady temperature of 17-19 degrees Celsius all year round. In its depths, the diver will encounter a magnificent decoration, as the Amphitrite was a dry cave before 8.000-9.000 years ago. At -50m there are animal bone remains, probably from a turtle. Line A gives divers the opportunity of an easy swim, with a Nitrox bottom gas of 32% O2 that allows for at least a 45-50 minutes dive without deco.

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